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PJBL Physiotherapy Communication: Changes in Body Bone Structure Due to Excessive Cell Phone Use at SDN Limo 2

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Monday, November 20 2023, students of the Diploma Three in Physiotherapy study program held an outreach activity with the title CHANGES IN BODY BONES STRUCTURE DUE TO EXCESSIVE MOBILE PHONE USE with the topic Health Education regarding the effects of body posture due to excessive cell phone use, which was held at SDN LIMO 2 class 5.


This activity is one of the Base Learning Projects in the Professional Communication course. Students are required to become Educators in the field of Health Physiotherapy in the Community Environment and go directly into the field. Apart from that, students are required to master the material and practices related to the chosen theme and how to communicate the material. effectively to the community. In this activity, the group that went into the field was Group 3 of PJBL in Class A Physiotherapy of the Diploma Three Program Class of 2023, with a total of 7 members, namely: Nurmalita Nastiti (2310702001), Evriliani Mulya Pratama (2310702007), Artika Putri Perwitasari (2310702013), Monica Alifia (2310702017), Rayida Nurhayati (2310702018), Amanda Putri Vannisa (2310702022), Shafia Diannata (2310702023). with Mrs. Rabia, S.FT., M.Biomed., as supervisor. The series of events starts from the Opening, Pre Test,


Delivery of Material, Post Test, Quiz, and ending with a documentation session as closing. The event ran very smoothly and the audience responded very well, they were very enthusiastic in listening to the material presented and also the results of the Pre Test and Post Test gave very significantly different results, where it was seen that the post test they carried out got the results according to what they had. what we hope for is that they really listen to the material that is delivered well.