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Physiotherapy Competency (D-3)

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Graduates Competence

Competencies of the graduates of Physiotherapy Diploma III Program are vocational physiotherapists who have the following profiles:

  1. Practitioner of a beginner physiotherapy service
  2. Manager of physiotherapy services
  3. Communicator
  4. Independent learners

The description of the graduates profile is as follows:

  1. Physiotherapist who is able to carry out physiotherapy processes on a wide range of scope comprising movement and function problems; choose the appropriate intervention method through analyzing data from various modality choices that have or have not been standardized; and show performance with measurable quality and quantity
  2. Physiotherapist who has the ability to manage working groups and develop written plan and report comprehensively.
  3. Physiotherapist who has the ability to communicate and interact effectively with patients, families and the community related to movement and function problems.
  4. Physiotherapy who is able to seek for literature and research results related to movement and function in order to carry out evidence-based practice.