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Eligibility Graduates Profession nurses

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Graduates Competence

Specific skills for Nursing Undergraduate and Professional Nurse Program are:

  1. able to provide complete and continuous nursing care that guarantees client safety in accordance with nursing care standards and is based on nursing plans that have or have not yet available;
  2. able to provide nursing care in specialized area (surgical medical nursing, child nursing, maternity nursing, psychiatric nursing, or community nursing including family nursing and gerontology nursing) with delegations from specialist nurses;
  3. able to carry out basic trauma and cardiac life support (BTCLS) procedures in emergency/disaster situations according to their standards and authorities;
  4. able to administer oral, topical, nasal, parenteral, and suppository drugs in accordance with the standard of drug administration and delegated authority;
  5. able to establish a nursing diagnosis with limited depth and breadth based on analysis of data, information, and results of studies from various sources to set priorities for nursing care;
  6. able to develop and implement nursing care planning in accordance with nursing care standards and nurses' ethical codes, which are culturally sensitive: respecting ethnic diversity, religion and other factors of individual clients, families, and communities;
  7. able to perform quick and accurate nursing care actions for unexpected changes in client conditions and report the conditions and care actions to the person in charge of care;
  8. able to carry out regular evaluations and revisions to the nursing care plan with/without other health teams;
  9. able to carry out therapeutic communication and provide accurate information to client and/or family/companion/advisor to get approval for nursing care which he is responsible for;
  10. able to carry out regular case studies by way of reflection, critical analysis, and evaluation and peer review of nursing practices they carry out;
  11. able to carry out disaster management in accordance with SOP;
  12. able to make efforts to prevent violations in the practice of nursing care;
  13. able to manage the nursing service system in one unit ward within the scope of their responsibilities;
  14. able to conduct research in the field of nursing to produce organizational strategic development;
  15. able to plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion programs through collaboration with fellow nurses, other professionals, and community groups to reduce morbidity and improve lifestyle and healthy environment.