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Filedtrip Dalam Rangka Praktik Profesi Kesehatan Matra Mahasiswa Prodi Pendidikan Profesi Ners Ke PB-BNPB

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Wednesday, April 17 2024, as many as 71 students from the 2023 Nursing Professional Education Program carried out a study visit program (field trip) to the Disaster Management Education and Training Center of the National Disaster Management Agency (Pusdiklat PB-BNPB) Sentul, Bogor.


The field trip was carried out as one of a series of Matra Health practical learning. The Matra Health course is a specialty of the Nursing Professional Education Study Program FIKES UPN Veteran Jakarta. From a scientific perspective, Dimensional Health is part of the Clinical Nursing course which studies various conditions in changing environments and other extreme conditions. Focusing on Field Dimensions (disasters), this field trip program was carried out to provide a real picture of the role of the national disaster management organization in carrying out its role in disaster management in Indonesia.


Also accompanying the students on this study visit, namely, Mrs. Ns. Cut Sarida Pompey, S.Kep., M.N.S (Chair of the Nursing Professional Education Study Program), Mrs. Lina Berliana Togatorop, S.Kep., M.Kep. (Secretary of the Nursing Professional Education Study Program), and Mr. Ns. Rycco Darmareja, S.Kep., M.Kep. (Matra Health Professions Practice Coordinating Lecturer in 2024).


During the activity, the FIKES UPN Veteran Jakarta Team received a warm welcome from the PB-BNPB Widyaiswara in the Auditorium Room to take part in a series of activities. The activity began with a Hall Safety Briefing Explanation Session and Earthquake Evacuation Simulation by Mrs. Neri Egi Rusmana, M.Pd. (First Expert Widyaiswara), followed by a speech session, giving material by Dr. Bagus Tjahjono, M.P.H (Main Widyaiswara Expert) related to basic concepts, risk management, disaster management and organization in Indonesia managed by BNPB and the implications for the health profession, especially nursing staff.

The agenda continues with a tour session of the area and several facilities and infrastructure at PB-BNPB where students can get to know several tools used during disaster management including evacuation tools, several dioramas, a miniature field hospital, an earthquake simulation house, as well as an explanation of several medical equipment. regarding field assistance. Students are very enthusiastic about participating in the program as evidenced by their high level of curiosity about the process and use of tools as indicated by the many questions asked during discussion sessions and area tours.

It is hoped that the final results of this activity will provide positive benefits for the students of the Nursing Professional Education Study Program, especially as an important provision when planning integrated Disaster Simulation practices which will be carried out in the second week of professional nursing practice within the FIKES UPN Veteran Jakarta environment.