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Message from the Dean

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Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES) UPN Veteran Jakarta participates in improving the health status of Indonesian people and national defense through health education that produces professional health workers. Our graduates are hoped to have Bela Negara (National Spirit) identity with superior competitiveness in Matra Health (Disaster Medicine and Emergency Preparedness) to tackle health challenges faced by Indonesia.

Along with organizing Tri Dharma of higher education, Faculty of Health Sciences UPN Veteran Jakarta carries out excellent contributions in the field of health by partnering with various stakeholders and adapting to health environment in this era of technology and innovation. With global pandemic problems faced by world population, we strives to anticipate it through innovation change management that responds to Indonesia health development.

Faculty of Health Sciences UPN Veteran Jakarta will also consistently improve its performance supported by facilities and infrastructure with efficient resources. Hopefully, the Faculty of Health Sciences could be a high-quality and competitive higher education in the field of health.

Thanks and high appreciation to the entire academic community of the Faculty of Health Sciences, partner institutions, and those who have given attention and assistance to the Faculty of Health Sciences. Salam Bela Negara!

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Dean of The Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. drg. Wahyu Sulistiadi, MARS