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Physiotherapy (S-1)

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Physiotherapy Undergraduate Study Program as stipulated in Article 15 of Law no. 12 of 2020 concerning Higher Education states that Bachelor of  Physiotherapy is an academic education program that prepares students to become intellectuals and/or cultured scientists, able to enter and/or create jobs, and be able to develop themselves into intellectuals. There are 12 (twelve) institutions as of November 5, 2020. Of the 12 (twelve) institutions that have been established, the institutions that have had Physiotherapy undergraduate program for more than 5 (five) years are Hasanuddin University, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, and Esa Unggul University.

So far, there are only 2 (two) state universities (PTN) that have Physiotherapy undergraduate program, namely Hasanuddin University in Eastern Indonesia and Udayana University in Central Indonesia, while for Western Indonesia currently there is no state university that has this program. Thus, UPN Veterans Jakarta, which is located in western Indonesia and has a vision of becoming an international quality superior university that is innovative, competitive and has the identity of patriotism for the development of the Indonesian people, feels compelled to establish a physiotherapy undergraduate study program with the vision of the Faculty and the University, namely Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy with the identity of patriotism.