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Kegiatan Mahasiswa

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Academic activities which include: lectures, small group meetings (seminars, discussions, responses), research guidance, practicum, independent assignments, independent study, research and community service (real work lectures, fieldwork lectures, and so on).

Extracurricular activities are student activities which include: reasoning and science, interests and hobbies, efforts to improve student welfare and social service for the community.


Activities in the student development program at FIKES are as follows:


Objectives: Engraving a scientific attitude, creativity, innovation; improving research skills; writing scientific papers on/off campus. This activity can be in the form of Student Scientific Week Contest, Student Writing Competition, Student Creativity Development, Photographic Meritlist, Best Student, Scientific Discussions: national level seminars, workshops, book reviews.

Objectives: increasing community service, fostering love for the nation and the environment, awareness, community life. This activity can take the form of: community service for assisted villages in the Limo Village area and social services.

Scientific Reasoning and Social Care Objective: to shape students good character in the health sector


An-Nahl: Bonding among Muslim students, Islamic tourism, Islamic studies, wall magazine, Mentoring, Bulletin.

Christian Spiritual Activity

Hindu Spiritual Activity


Objectives: improve organizational skills, foster appreciation of sports, arts and national spirit.


Activities can take the form of: Sports activities, National/international championships, Art activities: choir, theater, and dance, Entrepreneurship, Diving Club, Choir.