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Foods and Drinks that Damage Health

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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Portal Nutrition - There are some foods and drinks that we need to avoid. These foods and drinks can harm and damage the health of the human body. The following types of foods and beverages are damaging to health;

The tendency of today's society style is gathering. Gather talk about related things. Interrupted the gathering is accompanied by a cup of hot coffee. Remember, coffee contains caffeine which is an aphrodisiac that will increase your blood pressure, so you can feel depressed and uneasy. Coffee contains stimulants that can force andrenal work that eventually leads to fatigue. In addition, coffee can also cause aging of tissue on the skin, reducing the absorption of iron into Hb and ultimately reduce human immune function. Coffee consumption habits need to be reduced, it is difficult but health is more important than lifestyle.

Too much eating fatty foods like fried foods, junk food, high fat dairy products, and red meat can clog blood vessels, dilute calcium levels, and disrupt the function of the heart and other important organs. In addition, our body cells are also enlarged which leads to easy obesity.

Consumption of foods containing high sugar such as refined sugars, syrups, artificial sweeteners contained in soft drinks, and sweet chocolate can cause increased blood sugar, lack of body resistance to infection, disrupt the liver function of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. Many ways that we do not experience a lack of sweet taste in food and healthy that is try to use a natural sweetener such as honey, sarikurma and fresh fruit.

Remember, this is worth noting. Alcohol can harm the digestive tract and liver. HEART can convert alcohol into acetyldehyde, a TOXIC TOOLS FORMALDEHID used as a preservative. Consuming alcohol can cause heart failure, disruption of cells and tissues and blood sugar instability.

Friends of all readers, wise in running our lives. Love our lives by trying hard in avoiding foods and drinks that can harm the health of the body.

By Taufik Maryusman, S.Gz, M.Gizi, M.Pd