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Physiotherapy Communication: Education to Prepare Your Body for Action with "Posture" at SMA Cenderawasih 1 Jakarta

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Monday, 13 October 2023, students of the Diploma Three in Physiotherapy study program held an activity with the title PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR ACTION WITH "POSTURE" (Guide to Optimal Health, Superior Body, Balanced Body) with the topic Health Education regarding Body Posture in Adolescents, which held at SMA Cenderawasih 1 Jakarta, class students have gained, especially in the areas of topics that will be presented and how to communicate effectively as educators.


In this activity, the group that went into the field was Group 1 PJBL in Class B Physiotherapy of the Diploma Three Program Class of 2023, with a total of 8 members, namely: Muhammad Farhan Abigian Widyatna (2310702039), Siti Jasmine (2310702047), Putri Rostiani (2310702042), Hana Sekar Fatin (2310702059), Alifa Rizki (2310702032), Kevin Erlin Fadilah (2310702040), Wiananda Aura (2310702055), Vabiola Nurani Thafael (2310702058), with Mrs. Mona Mona Oktarina, S.FT., M.Biomed., as supervisor .


The series of events starts from the Opening, Pre Test, Material Delivery, Post Test, Quiz, and ends with a documentation session as closing. The event ran very smoothly, and the audience was very cooperative and saw their very high enthusiasm for listening to the material presented and also the results of the Pre Test and Post Test which gave very significantly different results, where the Post Test results statistically increased rather than the Pre Test. This proves that they understand the material we have presented, and they also pay very good attention to the material we present.