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Critical Nursing Class B "Prevent Complication Stage with SAPA (Sahabat jAntung PAru)"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ In order to fulfill the final assignment of the Critical Nursing course and in order to carry out the tri dharma of higher education, students who are members of the Critical Nursing Class B course hold Community Service with the theme "Prevent Complication Stage with SAPA (Sahabat jAntung PAru)".

On September 23, 2023, community service was carried out by Group 3 Class B Class of 2020 in the form of counseling on Advanced Lung Disease Prevention Education to residents of RT 003 RW 005 Kel. Limo Kec. Limo Depok City, West Java with supervisor Ns. Gamya Tri Utami, S. Kep., M. Kep (Head of Nursing Study Program, Faculty of Health Sciences).


The activity was prepared since early September with the preparation of media, namely powerpoint, educational videos, screening sheets, questionnaires and all other documents. The activity began with registration of participants and measurement of vital signs (BP, RR, SH, ND) in participants. Then the activity was opened by the MC and singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara, followed by remarks from the chief executive of community service, Zahra Andieni Prameswari, Supervising Lecturer, Ns. Gamya Tri Utami, S. Kep., M. Kep and remarks from the Head of RT 003. Then the event was officially opened by handing over placards and certificates from students to the RT 003 RW 005 represented by the Head of RT 003 RW 005.


After being opened, the activity continued with filling out screening and pretest questionnaires by participants, presentation of material on Preventing Lung Disease with TERAPEUTIK (Inhalation Therapy, Chest Physiotherapy, and Effective Coughing) by students, namely Nadia Shahidda and Eunike Christina Natalia. Then the students showed an educational video for initial handling in overcoming the signs and symptoms of lung disease with Inhalation Therapy, Chest Physiotherapy, and Effective Coughing techniques.


After watching the educational video, participants were directed to listen to a live demonstration of Inhalation Therapy, Chest Physiotherapy, and Effective Coughing techniques demonstrated by Putri Rahayu and Pramesti Dwi Suciantie. One of the participants re-enacted chest physiotherapy and simple inhalation.

The next activity was games with prizes in the form of Quiz which was won by two participants with the mechanism, namely the MC asking questions related to the material presented by the speaker.


Before ending the activity, a question and answer session was held and filling out the posttest questionnaire by the participants and accompanied by students as facilitators. To end the activity, all participants and organizers from students took a group photo to document community service activities.