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PjBL Manajamen Fisioterapi Tumbuh Kembang Dan Pediatrik “Peran Fisioterapi Dalam Mendukung Perkembangan Anak Dengan Keterlambatan Perkembangan”

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Wednesday, November 29 2023, a Project Based Learning (PjBL) Management of Growth and Pediatric Physiotherapy activity was carried out with the theme "The Role of Physiotherapy in Supporting the Development of Children with Developmental Delays" which was carried out by students and students in group 3 of the Undergraduate Physiotherapy Study Program which was held at YSI (Mother's Wings Foundation) Jakarta branch located in Barito, South Jakarta. This activity was attended by 33 guardians. 32 guardians of PAUD students, 1 guardian of YSI. And attended by 35 children. 33 children attend PAUD, and 2 children live at YSI Home.

The event starts at 08.30 WIB, and finishes at 11.30 WIB. The event was held in 2 parts, namely counseling to parents, guardians, and playtherapy with YSI PAUD children. The outreach program started with registration and distribution of snacks by Khalishah Zulka. Next, a pretest using paper, then the event was opened by Varsha Ravita and Muhamad Dafa, as MCs and material presenters. And continued with remarks by Mrs. Rena Mailani, S.Ft, Ftr., M.Biomed as the supervisor of the Project Based Learning (PjBL) Management of Growth Physiotherapy and Pediatrics group 3 activities, followed by remarks by Mr. Darso as a representative from the Sayap Ibu Foundation. And then continued with the handover of the certificate by the group leader Alma Etania to the Mother Wing Foundation and documentation by Muhammad Syukran Haydar.

The next event was a material presentation session for parents with the title "The Role of Physiotherapy in Supporting the Development of Children with Developmental Delays". Followed by a question and answer session guided by the MC, and answered by Mrs. Rena as the supervisor. Next, fill out the WeeFim post-test and screening form which is filled in by the parents. Once finished, proceed with closing.


The playtherapy event for PAUD children was carried out by Bagas Prasetyo, Fiolita Hasyahara, Azzahra Suci, and Alma Etania. The playtherapy carried out starts with doing gymnastics together, then jumping from one point to another, then eating cake together, and continuing with grouping children to play with blocks, puzzles, and also singing. Then the last thing is the distribution of gifts to all the children.