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Nursing Profession Students "Village 2 Community Conference in Limo Depok

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Tuesday, December 12 2023, the Village Community Deliberation 2 (MMK 2) activity was held at the residence of Mr. RW 03 Jl. Jambu III No. 3 RT.03/RW.03, Ex. Grogol, District. Limo, Depok City, West Java, 16512. MMK 2 is an activity carried out after students/I distributed questionnaires to residents of RW 03, to record health problems that exist in the community, especially from RT 01 to RT 05. The Village 2 Community Deliberation is activities containing presentation of questionnaire results regarding health problems per age group, as well as formulating work program proposals per age group with the aim of overcoming identified health problems.
The Village 2 Community Deliberation activity was attended by Mr. Marwan S.E as a representative from the Village, Midwife Ika as a representative from the Community Health Center, Mr. Zaini Serih as Chair of RW 03, Grogol Subdistrict, RT Heads and Cadres at RW 03, Community Nursing Practice Lecturer Ns. Sang Ayu Made Adyani, M.Kep, Sp.Kep.Kom, Ns. Chandra Tri Wahyudi, M. Kes. M.Kep, UPN Veteran Jakarta Undergraduate Program Nursing Student Period 2, as well as the people of RW 03 Grogol Village who were very enthusiastic about taking part
The Village 2 Community Deliberation activities started at 09.00 which was opened by Rahma Dewi Sulistyawati, S.Kep and Shyawmi Irdianti, S.Kep as Master of Ceremony who also conveyed the purpose of the activity, the schedule of events and the rules that applied during the event. The event then continued with the singing of the songs Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara led by the Nilam Art Conductor Sari S, Kep.
The main event was a presentation of the results of the questionnaire data delivered by Fauziah Mawaddah, S.Kep and Nida Julia, S.Kep. After the presentation was completed, a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) was held by dividing groups based on age groups with the aim of formulating and scheduling work programs to solve health problems that occurred. The Village 2 Community Deliberation activity closed with prayer reading and a group photo.
It is hoped that the implementation of the Kelurahan 2 Community Conference will be able to find, prepare and implement a work program to overcome health problems so that RW 03 can be empowered to improve the health status of RW 03.