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Healthy Health Counseling at the Cahaya Medina Orphanage Islamic Boarding School

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - The Sehati Health Extension Project (Encouraging Healthy Living Now and Later) was implemented on Saturday, November 11 2023. This activity was carried out at the Cahaya Medina Orphanage Islamic Boarding School from 08.00 WIB to 11.10 WIB. The theme of this study is "HEALTHY: Celebrate Healthy Living, Now and Later". This activity was attended by 21 students and female students from the Islamic boarding school. The Healthy Health Extension activity was guided by Alivia Izfana and Fitri Anisa, active students of the Public Health Study Program, UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Undergraduate Program class of 2022 as Master of Ceremony (MC).


The event began with an opening and reading of prayers guided by the MC. After the opening activities and reading of prayers were completed, the next event was a speech by Mrs. Een Kurnaesih, S.K.M, M.Kes as supervisor lecturer, Inara Perdana Kurnia as Chief Executive of Sehati Health Counseling, as well as representatives from the Cahaya Medina Orphanage Islamic Boarding School. After the welcome event was over, a pretest session was held before the material session began which aimed to measure the participants' initial knowledge regarding healthy lifestyles. This pretest session is the basis for assessing the extent to which the information provided can have a positive impact.


The material session was the core of the event with a focus on a healthy lifestyle. The counseling material was delivered by three committee representatives, namely, Adhelya Putri Fatma Iqlima, Inara Perdana Kurnia, and Syakirah Aghniyya. The material includes an introduction to nutritious foods, strategies for avoiding smoking, and the importance of consuming enough water in maintaining a healthy body. To keep the event fun and interactive, we also included an ice breaking session that involved all participants. In this session, there are various exciting games with attractive prizes for participants who win. We hope that with this interaction, participants can be more active and involved in the event.

The event closed with an evaluation session in the form of a post test to measure the understanding that participants had gained during the event. The distribution of food was also the closing part of the event, and we also provided the opportunity to chat casually and share experiences with the students and female students.

We invite the whole community to work together to build a healthy lifestyle. Let's make health the main investment for a better future.