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PjBL Kesehatan Matra 2023 Semester 5 "Pelatihan Bantuan Hidup Dasar dan Pembidaian untuk Operasi Lapangan Militer di Rindam Jaya"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Saturday, November 4 2023, the "Project for Basic Life Support and Splinting Training" took place. This event was organized by students of the Nursing Study Program (Semester 5) and Public Health Undergraduate Program (Semester 5) who are active students of the Nursing and Public Health Study Program Undergraduate Program class of 2021. This activity was attended by 30 students from the Jayakarta Regional Military Command Prospective School for NCOs in Jl Condet Raya Kampung Gedong No.55, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 13760.


This event was held at 08.00-10.30 WIB in the Hall of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), Jayakarta Regional Military Command Main Regiment on Jl Condet Raya Kampung Gedong, No.55, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta accompanied by our supervisor, namely NS. Santi Herlina, M.Kep., Sp.Kep.MB. The aim of holding this event is to increase knowledge about first aid in emergency situations by providing training on Basic Life Support (BHD) using Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (RJP) as well as teaching how to perform splinting to Prospective Non-Commissioned Officers from the Jayakarta Regional Military Command Regiment.


This activity began with participant registration and opening by the MC. Then continued with the delivery of remarks. Welcome remarks were delivered by the Chief Executive, Rindam Jaya Party, and the Field Project Supervisor. Followed by completing the Pre Test and entering the main event, namely the presentation of the first material regarding Basic Life Support.


After the first material presentation session regarding Basic Life Support by Students, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions during the question and answer session. This was followed by an Ice Breaking session to lighten the mood. After the Ice Breaking session, the event continued with the presentation of the second material, namely regarding splinting, and continued with a question and answer session regarding splinting material.


The event then continued with a simulation session on Basic Life Support and Splinting. Students will practice the procedures for carrying out Basic Life Support (BHD) and splinting, after which the Non-Commissioned Officer Candidates will try them one by one. The NCO Candidate School students were divided into 6 groups and then divided into 2 camps. The first camp carried out a BHD simulation and the second camp carried out a splint simulation. After 25 minutes, the two sides swapped to try a simulation they had not yet tried.

After the simulation session was finished, the event continued with the participants conveying their impressions of the message, distributing prizes to the best questioners, presenting plaques, completing the post test, and closing by the MC. After that, it was continued with a group photo session. (CELL)