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PJBL Health Communication Prevention of Promiscuity and Toxic Relationships

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ- On Tuesday 13 November 2023, educational activities were carried out with the theme Prevention of Promiscuity and Toxic Relationships, which is a Project Based Learning (PJBL) Class 69 Inter Professional Education (IPE) Health Communication Subject under the guidance of Mrs. Dr. Laily Hanifah, SKM, M.Kes who were divided into 4 groups and spread across 4 classes at SMAN 6 Depok from three science departments and one social studies department.

The event started at 08.00 WIB and finished at 10.00 WIB, starting with an opening from the MC and lecturers, then continued with introductions. Then after the introduction, participants complete the pre-test. After completing the pretest, the MC carries out 2-way communication with participants to enter the material by brainstorming on the theme presented, each participant who answers will be given a reward. Participants play an active role in brainstorming.

Next, we move on to the first material, namely "Prevention of Promiscuity" which is delivered by group members via PPT media which is made as attractive as possible so that it is easy for participants to understand. The room conditions were conducive, all participants paid good attention to the presenters.

After the first material was delivered, the event was again taken over by the MC for bridging into the second material by reviewing a little of the previous material and providing an overview of the material that will be presented next regarding "Toxic Relationships". Entering the next material regarding "Toxic Relationships" the presenter again delivered his material using PPT media. In this material, participants remained conducive in paying attention to the material.

After the presentation of the second material, we entered the question and answer session. In this session, the MC took over the event and invited participants who had questions to ask the presenter. 3 Participants asked questions in this session and 2 gave opinions and shared their personal experiences regarding the themes presented by the group. In this session the group assesses active participants.

The question and answer session closed with the conclusion of the material "Prevention of Promiscuity and Toxic Relationships" then continued with the implementation of a post test or test with the aim of measuring how much the participants understood the material presented by the group. Participants were conducive and did their work using cellphone media. The post test was carried out using G-Form.
At the end of the event the group gave a session in the form of giving prizes to selected participants in the following categories:
- participant with the highest post test score
- participant with the highest pre-test score
- most active participants
- participants with the best questions
The group gives gifts in the form of food. Then this session ends with documentation by the documentation section.