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Mendukung Pasien Pasca Stroke Dengan Penyuluhan Nutrisi Yang Tepat: Langkah Penting Menuju Kesembuhan “Nutrisi Tepat Untuk Post Stroke”

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Based on 2018 Basic Health Research Data, the prevalence of stroke in Indonesia increased by around 56% in 5 years from 0.7% (2013) to 1.09% (2018) with a prevalence in West Java area of 12% and Depok city of 21% with The incidence of malnutrition in post-stroke patients is reported to be 6% - 62%. Therefore, on Thursday, September 14 2023, critical nursing field project activities were carried out at Posbindu Mekar Alam which is located on Jl. Jambu IV, Grogol, Kec. Limo, Depok City, West Java by students of the Undergraduate Nursing Study Program, Faculty of Health Sciences UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Semester 7. This activity was carried out offline with the theme "Proper Nutrition for Post Stroke".


This project activity was attended and participated by Mrs. Suryani as Chair of Posbindu Mekar Alam, Mrs. Maryam as Chair of RW 03, Mr. Supriyanto as Chair of RT 03, Mrs. Cadres and residents as well as Critical Nursing Lecturer Ms. Rycco Darmareja, S.Kep., M .Kep. and Nursing Students from the UPN Veteran Jakarta Undergraduate Program, especially class of 2020. This project activity is one of the activities in the critical nursing course which aims to educate the public about health, especially to provide nutrition for the body in post-stroke patients in the form of education to the public regarding socialization, basic examination, and questions and answers regarding related themes.

This project activity started at 15.30 WIB which was opened by Ria Nur Fitria (2010711003) as Master of Ceremony at the event. After the opening and reading of prayers, the audience sang the songs Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara. The next event was speeches from several invited guests. The remarks were started by Charissa Tiara Putri (2010711083) as Chief Executive, followed by remarks by Mr. Ns.Rycco Darmareja, S.Kep., M.Kep, as Lecturer in the Critical Nursing Course.


Next was a speech by Mr. Supriyanto as Head of RT 03. After that, we entered the main event, namely the presentation of material guided by a team of presenters, namely Rachma Fitriya Ningsih (2010711101), and Rana Rozanna (2010711104). During the question and answer session, the residents were very enthusiastic in asking questions. The presenters and committee answered questions quite well and were added and corrected by Mr. Ns. Rycco Darmareja, M. Kep. After the delivery of the material is complete, it is followed by filling in the post test questionnaire by the residents present.

When filling out the post test questionnaire, each resident was accompanied by a facilitator. After completing the questionnaire, it was continued with closing and reading a prayer, then a group photo, and ended with a health check, namely checking uric acid and blood pressure. The participants enthusiastically took part in the health check and queued in an orderly manner. The health education event regarding nutritional management education for post-stroke patients went well and smoothly. It is hoped that by holding this outreach project activity, the local community will be able to find out what nutritional requirements can be given to post-stroke patients, especially residents of Posbindu Mekar Alam and its surroundings.