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Community Nutrition Field Work Practices at UPTD Limo Health Center

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Undergraduate Nutrition Study Program students class of 2020, have carried out Community Nutrition Field Work Practice activities which were carried out from August 15 to September 10 2023. This Community Nutrition Field Work Practice activity is an effort to gain learning experience in goal-based community nutrition management and real problems in society.

Community Nutrition Field Work Practices carried out by final year 7 semester students with the aim of providing real and supervised learning experiences for students to achieve Bachelor of Nutrition competency standards in terms of theoretical, applicable, interactive and collaborative learning. This activity was carried out at a health service facility, specifically the Limo Health Center UPTD, for approximately 1 month.

The series of activities consists of program contracts, situation analysis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation, as well as land tests to present the final report on Community Nutrition Field Work Practice activities. During the PKL, students are divided into 10 targets, namely babies (0 - <6 months), toddlers (6 - 23 months), toddlers 24 - 59 months, school age children (6 - 12 years), teenagers (12 - 19 years) , women of childbearing age (>= 20 - 49 years), breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, elderly >= 60 years, and secondary data. Apart from that, students also participate in and help with community health center programs such as nutritional counseling, providing PMT to toddlers, nutrition and health counseling, weighing babies and toddlers, providing TTD, helping with posyandu activities, posbindu activities, and School Child Immunization Month activities.

Program contract activities were carried out on August 15 2023. The activities ended with a land test on Friday, September 8 2023, which was presented by PKL student, Dr. Avliya Quratul Marjan, S.Gz, M.Si as supervisor, Siesqia Farah Nurfatin. S.Gz as community instructor, Kurniasih Rahmadiyah, A.Md, person in charge of Limo Health Center UPTD Nutrition, and dr. Toni Hermawan as Head of the Community Health Center.