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FIKES UPNVJ - On Saturday, June 10 2023, the work program for the Research and Development Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Forum (OHSEF) division of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta was carried out, namely Sharing Session II in the Auditorium of the MERCE Building, 8th floor. This activity consisted of several series of events which takes place from 08.40 to 13.00 with the target of active students. In this Sharing Session, the theme raised was "OHS Inspection: Evaluation of Occupational Safety and Health in Fire Safety in the Work Environment". By participating in this event, participants are expected to know about how to inspect environmental safety from fire hazards in the surrounding environment. This activity was attended by more than 50 participants consisting of active students of the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Faculty of Health Sciences, alumni, external parties, and other internal parties.


The OHSEF 2023 Sharing Session II activity was guided by Natasha Putri Ayu Kayla, an active student of the Public Health Study Program UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Bachelor Program class of 2020 as the MC. The activity begins with registration by filling in presence and pretest as well as distributing consumption to participants. Then the opening session began with the reading of the agenda and rules by the MC, playing a safety induction video, singing the song Indonesia Raya, Mars UPN and Bela Negara as well as the Public Health Mars. After that, it was followed by remarks by the chief executive, head of HMKM for the 2023/2024 period, and attended by the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Public Health Study Program. Then the main event was a talk show session by the speaker, namely Khatibul Umam Rasyidi, S.K.M with material related to fire protection system inspection, followed by a question and answer session, group division, a practical session on fire safety inspections in the campus environment, and presentation of inspection results.


The event was closed by reading the conclusions by the MCs, giving placards and merchandise by the chief executive to the speakers, giving prizes to participants by the chief executive and the head of the 2023/2024 OHSEF, filling out the posttest and evaluation, and taking a group photo.