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Smart Health Education: Clay Therapy Treats and Prevents Stroke, Increases Muscle Strength! At Posbindu Mawar 1 Senja, Limo, Depok

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ – On Friday, September 15 2023, Health Education activities were held at Posbindu Mawar 1 Senja which is located at RT 02/06 Kampung Sasak, Limo District, Depok City. Health education is a health education activity, which is carried out by spreading messages, instilling confidence, so that people are not only aware, know and understand, but are also willing and able to carry out recommendations related to health.


This Health Counseling activity was carried out in order to fulfill the Critical Nursing Practice assignments of 2020 Undergraduate Nursing Students. This SMART CERMAT Health Counseling activity was attended and attended by Mrs. Maesaroh as Chair of Posbindu Mawar 1 Senja, the Critical Nursing supervisor, namely Ns. Rycco Darmareja, S.Kep,. M.Kep, as well as Nursing Students from the UPN Veteran Jakarta Undergraduate Program whose names we cannot mention one by one.


This Health Education activity started at 13.00 WIB opened by Humaida Gita CandraKirana (2010711094) and Annisa Refiyani (2010711082) as Master of Ceremony who also conveyed the rules and regulations during the event followed by remarks from Cindy (2010711076) as Chief Executive of Health Education, Ns . Rycco Darmareja, S.Kep,. M.Kep as Critical Nursing Lecturer, and Mrs. Maesaroh as Chair of Posbindu Mawar 1 Senja. Participants take the Pretest.


This was then continued with the main event of the Health Education activities, namely the presentation of material related to stroke and Clay Therapy, as well as the presentation of videos and Clay Therapy demonstrations delivered by Muhammad Harits (2010711044), Nina Cahya Fitriyani (2010711067), and Nita Caroline (2010711087). After the presentation session was finished, participants were also given the opportunity to provide questions and responses. Then, participants do the Posttest. This Health Education activity closed with the presentation of certificates, prayer and group photos. It is hoped that holding this Health Education activity can improve the knowledge and attitudes of Posbindu members and be able to apply Clay Therapy in their daily lives.