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TRYPSIN 2023 Islamic Health Seminar "Build Mental Health to Create Young Islamic Leaders"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - The name of this activity is the Islamic Health Seminar TRYPSIN (Training of Young Cadres and Islamic Perspective Health Studies with An-Nahl) by KSMI An-Nahl Faculty of Health Sciences UPN "Veteran" Jakarta in 2023. The theme of this activity is "Build Mental Health to Create Young Islamic Leaders". The TRYPSIN Islamic Health Seminar is the final activity in a series of TRYPSIN activities, the Scientific Sharia Division work program in collaboration with the KSMI An-Nahl Cadre Development Division. KSMI An-Nahl held a TRYPSIN Islamic Health Seminar for young members who new members and the general public. This activity aims as a learning medium to foster the spirit of Islamic leadership in young members of KSMI An-Nahl, as a means of reminding them to worship and get closer to Allah SWT and as a means of strengthening ties of brotherhood and expanding relations between participants and fellow Muslims. UPN “Veteran” Jakarta.
The TRYPSIN Islamic Health Seminar activity was held on Thursday, November 16 2023 and was held offline at the Tanah Airku Auditorium UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. This activity was attended by 65 participants consisting of young KSMI An-Nahl members, FIKES Student Senate delegates, and UPN "Veteran" Jakarta students. This event lasted for 2.5 hours, starting with the opening and reading of the rules and regulations by the MC, reading of the holy verses of the Koran by the Committee. Followed by remarks, the first speech was delivered by Nurhanifasyah Pertiwi as Chief Executive of TRYPSIN 2023. The second speech was delivered by Sayyid Jildan as General Chair of KSMI An-Nahl. The third speech was delivered by Mr. Agustiyawan, SST, FT, M.Fis, FTr, AIFO as Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation to represent the Dean of FIKES.
Then, the MC delegated the activities to the moderator to read the speaker's CV and enter the main event, namely the presentation of material by Mrs. Wina Selviani, S.Psi and continued with a question and answer session. After that, the chief executive and chairman of KSMI An-Nahl handed over the certificate to the speaker. Next is a group photo session followed by breaking the fast together. The activity ended with a closing by the MC (NPU)