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Nutrition for Building a Nation (GMB) 2023 "Creating a Superior and Resilient Generation by Building Character for a Bright Future"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Depok, 21 and 22 October 2023- With a sense of pride, the Nutrition Student Association (HIMAGI) Faculty of Health Sciences, National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta has succeeded in holding a series of Nutrition Building a Nation (GMB) 2023 activities with the theme "Creating a Superior and Resilient Generation by Building Character for a Bright Future". Nutrition Building the Nation (GMB) 2023 is one of the work programs of the Student Resource Development Division (PSDM) of the Nutrition Student Association (HIMAGI) for the 2022/2023 period which has the aim of turning nutrition students into highly intellectual, responsible, creative and innovative students, easy to adapt to any conditions, and fosters a high curiosity about new things. This activity will take place on Saturday-Sunday, 21-22 October 2023 directly at MMCC, Serua, Sawangan, Depok.


On Saturday, this event began with mobilization from the Limo UPN "Veteran" Jakarta campus to MMCC, Serua, Sawangan, Depok, followed by placing, checking and collecting participants' belongings by the PSDM Division. Next, there is an appeal for orderliness, division of rooms, putting things away, and mobilization back to the hall. The activity continued with an opening by Lucy Nuryudha Ramadhani and Sahirah Aliyah Firdaus as MCs and then playing the songs Indonesia Raya, Mars Bela Negara, and Mars UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. After that, there were remarks from the chairman of Nutrition Building the Nation (GMB) by Sarah Zahrani Chandra and remarks from the chairman of the Nutrition Student Association (HIMAGI) for the 2022/2023 period by Olvi Oktafiani. The next activity is completing the pretest followed by the delivery of material, namely an introduction and deepening of the basics, structure, function and history of the Nutrition Student Association (HIMAGI) by Olvi Oktafiani and Azzahra Bonita Nugroho as Chair and Deputy Chair of the Nutrition Student Association (HIMAGI) for the 2022 period/ 2023, organizational ethics material by Brother Raykhan Darmawan, S.Gz., and an ice breaking session. Then, there was a delivery of leadership material by Brother Satriyo Wildan, S.Gz. followed by lunch and noon prayers. The series of events continued with a speech from the Supervisor by Mrs. Dr. Firlia Ayu Arini, S.K.M., M.K.M. then continued with a session delivering material on personal potential by Brother Bayu Saputra, S.Gz. After the delivery of the material was complete, the event continued with completing the post-test material and then mobilizing cooking according to the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines (PGS) by the participants. After that, there was an assessment of the dishes by the judges, namely Nabila Alifia Putri, Tennesa Sheryan Nela Fernanda, and Nadia Fahira Dewi. Next, participants are invited to rest, pray and eat. Next, the participants gathered again in the hall for a cheer performance followed by an introduction to the alumni and then the participants were invited to rest and sleep.

On Sunday, the event started with morning prayers, breakfast, class performance, and filling out questionnaires. After that, the event continued with conflict management. Then, the questionnaire was read by the MC and ended with a pinning ceremony, awarding of prizes to the winners, photos of the class of 2023 and the committee, return of goods, filling in attendance, and closing by the MC. A total of 92 participants took part in the 2023 Nutrition Building the Nation (GMB) activities.