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HIMADIKA : Webinar Internasional “Building Health Resilience in Addressing Air Pollution Related Diseases”

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Saturday, November 4 2023, an International Webinar (2023) took place with the theme "Building Health Resilience in Addressing Air Pollution Related Diseases". This activity is carried out online via Zoom Meeting. The number of participants who attended the International Webinar which was held online was 220 participants consisting of both UPNVJ D3 Nursing students and the general public. This International Webinar activity is a sharing activity regarding the importance of maintaining and maintaining health amidst widespread air pollution.


The series of activities consists of 2 sessions, namely, presentation of material 1: "Nursing Care for Diseases Caused by Pollution" and presentation of material 2: "Global Collaboration to Counter Air Pollution". The event begins with filling in participant registration and Pre-Test on the link provided by the committee via zoom meeting chat. First, the event was opened by Zulfa Muzayyanatul Millah and Neneng Oktavia Kusumawardhani as MCs for the International Webinar activities, then reading the event rules and event rundown as well as playing the Indonesia Raya song, the Mars Bela Negara song and the Mars PPNI song.


Then the activity continued with remarks from the Chief Executive of the International Webinar event, the Chair of the Nursing Department at UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, and the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs. After the remarks, the MC introduced the moderator of the 2023 International Webinar event, namely Cherrya Maulidya Salsabillah, then continued with the reading of the CV by the moderator and the first presentation of material by Assistant Professor Dr. Kallaya Wiriya with material 1: "Global Collaboration to Counter Air Pollution".


The next session was CV reading by the moderator and presentation of the second material by Desak Nyoman Sithi, Skp.MARS.PhD with material 2: "Nursing Care for Diseases Caused by Pollution".


After completing the presentation of the second material, it was followed by a question and answer session guided by the event moderator. After completing the presentation of material from the two speakers. MC guides in handing over certificates of appreciation to resource persons. Next, at the closing of the event, the MC guided the participants to complete the post-test and instructed them to take a group photo and continued with the closing with thanks for holding the event delivered by the MC. (ACAK)