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HIMADIKA : Closing D’KAVJA Volume 4 “Increase Your Creativity, Be The Champion Until It Lights Up The Sky”

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Saturday, September 9th 2023, the Grand Closing of D'KAVJA Volume 4 took place with the theme "Increase Your Creativity, Be The Champion Until It Lights Up The Sky". This activity is carried out online via Zoom Meeting. The number of participants who registered was 74 students from 10 universities in Indonesia. D'KAVJA Volume 4 activity aims to channel the interests and talents of students throughout Indonesia in the fields of arts and sports and as a forum for the achievements of active students throughout Indonesia.


The series of activities consists of 2 sessions, first session: "Announcement of Competition Champions and Presentation of Awards to Each Winner", second session: "Ice Breaking/Singing Performance".

The event began by filling in participant registration on the link provided by the committee via the Zoom meeting chat. First, the event was opened by Gustiara Widya as MC for the D'KAVJA Volume 4 activities. Then the rules and event rundown were read and the songs Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara were played. Followed by a group photo session and remarks from the Chief Executive of D'KAVJA Volume 4, the Chair of the D3 Nursing Student Association of UPN "Veteran" Jakarta, and the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs.

After the speech, it was continued with the announcement of the competition winners and the presentation of awards to each winner guided by the MC.

Next, ice breaking and a singing performance guided by the MC, then a group photo session and closing. (WYN)