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SAAI 2023 "PARADISE: Focus on Faith, Reach with the Koran to Go to Heaven"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - The name of this activity is SAAI (Intensive Al-Quran Assistance Study) KSMI An-Nahl, Faculty of Health Sciences, UPN "Veteran" Jakarta in 2023. The theme of this activity is "FIRDAUS: Focus on Faith, Reach with the Al-Quran to Go to Heaven". SAAI is one of a series of work program activities of the KSMI An-Nahl Scientific Broadcasting Division. KSMI An-Nahl collaborates with DKM Al-Fikri to hold SAAI for Islamic students class of 2023 majoring in Bachelor of Public Health, Bachelor of Nutrition, and D3 of Nursing as well as seniors accompanying SAAI 2023. This activity aims to accommodate SAAI mentors and general participants to increase their knowledge and abilities in reading the Al-Quran in accordance with tajwid and makhraj, as well as as a companion to Islamic religious courses.


SAAI 2023 activities will be held on Sunday, September 10 2023 and will be held offline at the Tanah Airku Auditorium, Faculty of Engineering, Fl. 5, UPN “Veteran” Jakarta. This activity was attended by 189 participants consisting of the FIKES Academic Community and Invited Guests. This event lasted for 6 hours, starting with the opening and reading of the rules and regulations by the MC, playing the songs Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara, reading verses from the holy Koran by the Committee. Followed by remarks, the first speech was delivered by Ghyffara Agathy Putri as Chief Executive of SAAI 2023. The second speech was delivered by Sayyid Jildan as General Chair of KSMI An-Nahl and the final speech and symbolic opening was made by Mr. Suprima, S.Pd.I, M.Pd.I.


Then, the MC read the speaker's CV and entered the main event, namely the presentation of material by Ustadz KH. Efendi Anwar, Lc and continued with a question and answer session. After that, the chief executive handed over the certificate to the speaker. Next is the noon prayer or ishoma prayer session and lunch together. After ishoma, the event started again with ice breaking, followed by an explanation of the series of SAAI activities and a singing performance by Kareena Sari Fatimah. Before the event ended, a group photo was documented and closed by the MC.