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HISFO: Eduction (Physiotherapy Education) 4.0 "Developing Sensory and Motor Skills of the Millennial Generation for a Brilliant Nation"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Saturday, September 16, 2023, EDUKSI 4.0 was held with the theme "Building Sensory and Motoric Millennial Generation for a Brilliant Nation". EDUKSI 4.0 was held by the Undergraduate Program Physiotherapy Student Association (HISFO) Faculty of Health Sciences UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. The chief executive of this event is Mutiara Genza Riandani, MC sister Faiza Syifa Dzakira and speaker sister Shahnaz Mashia Syaharani, as well as 30 organizers and volunteers.

EDUKSI 4.0 was attended by 30 participants. Participants who attended this event consisted of children aged 4-6 years. Before starting the event, the participants registered at 07.00-07.30. The event was opened by the MC at 08.00. The MC guided to read the prayer, then continued by listening to the song Indonesia Raya which was then continued by listening to Mars Bela Negara.

After reading prayers and listening to songs, the participants had a group photo session guided by the MC. This joint photo session uses 2 poses, namely formal poses and State Defense poses. Then after that it was continued with remarks. The first speech was delivered by the chief executive, namely sister Mutiara Genza Riandani, then the second by the head of HISFO, namely sister Aqilla Adriani, the third by the Principal, namely Mrs. Siti Nurhasanah who was represented by Mrs. Mursida, and the last speech by the Head of the Physiotherapy Study Program of the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Undergraduate Program, Mrs. Farahdina Bachtiar, S.Ft., Physio, M.Sc., AIFO.

After the speech there was a certificate handover as a token of love from the committee for the school. Then at 08.50 continued with the presentation of material by sister Shahnaz Mashia Syaharani.

At 09.20, it continued with ice breaking where the participants were given each canvas and 3 colors for each group, accompanied by the committee and volunteers. Because it was already 10.30 and the whole series of events had been completed, the MC closed the event and read the prayer, then the participants were allowed to leave the room. (RAD)