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August 2023 Physiotherapy Management Review Meeting

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Wednesday, August 23 2023, a management review meeting for the physiotherapy department was carried out. The meeting was led by the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Physiotherapy Study Program Farahdina Bachtiar, S.Ft, Physio, M.Sc, the meeting was held in the FIKES Meeting Room. This meeting was attended by Rabia, S.Ft., Ft., M.Biomed (Secretary of the Undergraduate Study Program), Fidyatul Nazhira, S.Fis., Ftr., M.Fis (Secretary of the Diploma 3 Study Program) and (Suci Wahyu Ismiyasa, S.Ft., M.Erg.AIFO (Head of Laboratory) and the lecturers.
The meeting was opened by the head of the physiotherapy department, discussing preparations for the accreditation of the physiotherapy undergraduate study program which will be held this year. At this meeting, a narrative was prepared according to the criteria and the completeness of the required documents. Furthermore, at this meeting it was also conveyed about several lecturers who would be studying in this semester so that there were changes to the plotting of the courses. According to the deputy dean 3 (Agustiyawan) said that the process of making a study assignment letter depended on the funding being made. Farahdina Bachtiar as head of the physiotherapy department said that the study assignments were submitted at the end of the semester so that this semester's tridharma would continue to run well. Pak Eko Prabowo conveyed that it would be best to ascertain whether lecturers have plans to study for a doctoral degree in the next few years so that they can complete their additional term of office. In this meeting, the election of the head of the laboratory was also discussed, namely, the results obtained were Mrs. Kiki Rezki Faradillah as the new head of the laboratory and could serve after the Bachelor's degree accreditation was completed.