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Sharing Session 2023

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Sharing Session 2023 is one of the work programs of KSM Batavia which aims to enable members and volunteers of KSM BATAVIA to gain and increase knowledge in dealing with disaster problems. The Sharing Session was held online on Saturday, June 24 2023. This event was attended by 55 participants who looked enthusiastic about participating in the Sharing Session this time. This event lasted for 2 hours 55 minutes from 09.00-11.55 and began with filling in attendance, opening and reading the rules, singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and MARS Bela Negara. After singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and MARS Bela Negara, the next event was a joint photo session.

The next program was in the form of remarks from the chief executive of the 2023 Sharing Session by Fariha Nurhusna and remarks by the chairman of KSM Batavia for the 2023/2024 period, namely Rahma Wati Dewi. Then, the event entered the main part which began with the reading of speaker 1's CV by the MC, followed by the presentation of material by Mr. Wisnu Cahyadi, Turun Tangan Jakarta with material on "Preparation of Volunteers in Disaster Management" and was accompanied by a question and answer session. In this session the participants looked enthusiastic to ask the speakers.


After entering the presentation of speaker 1 by TTJ. So, the event entered the games session. In this game session it was seen that the participants looked enthusiastic to answer the game session. Then, the next main event was the reading of speaker 2's CV by the MC, followed by material presentation by Sister Aulia Marshanda Apsarie, Volunteer KSM Batavia 2022/2023 with material on "Optimizing The Role of UPNVJ Students in Volunteering in Disaster Emergency Situations" and accompanied by a session question and answer.

After the presentation of the material, the next event was the handing over of certificates to the Sharing Session speakers today. Then after the submission of the speaker certificate, the event entered closing which was closed by the MC then filling out the posttest and evaluation by the participants.