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FIKES UPNVJ - On Saturday June 17 2021, SEMA Faculty of Health Sciences UPN "Veteran" Jakarta carried out Legis Space 3.0 activities which were attended by Legis Space 3.0 participants namely UPNVJ students and the general public. The event began with an opening by Devrina Jasmine as the MC of the event which was then continued with filling in attendance, pretest, opening and reading of the rules, singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and MARS Bela Negara. Then it was followed by remarks by Fariz Putra Utama Lubis as the Chief Executive and Patricia Agustina Julis as Chairperson of the SEMA Faculty of Health Sciences, then continued with remarks by Mr. Arga Buntara, SKM, MPH. As the Supervisor of the SEMA Faculty of Health Sciences and remarks from Mr. Agustiyawan, SST, FT, M.Fis, Ftr,. AIFO as Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation of FIKES UPNVJ. Followed by reading the Moderator's CV and Submission of Events to the moderator and Introduction and reading of Speaker 1's CV and handing over the event to the speaker by Haura Asqo Balqis as moderator.


The first presentation of the material to the participants was carried out by Mr. H. Ade Suhendri, S.Kep,Ners,.SH,.M.Kes, as Chair of the DPD PPNI Depok City, Submission of Material 1 concerning Professional organization support for members in mental nursing services then followed by question and answer session, then the presentation of material 2 was carried out by Mrs. Dra Rosnalisa, MPsi, Cht Psychologist as a Psychology Lecturer and University Counselor UPN "Veteran" Jakarta delivered Material 2 about Building a Healthy Personality for "Z" Generation then continued with a question and answer session and presentation of material 3 carried out by Mrs. Michelle Tania, M.Psi, Psychologist as a Clinical Psychologist delivering material 3 about Social Perspective about Mental Health Issues was then followed by a question and answer session. This activity was carried out with the aim of increasing the knowledge of participants in the Legis Space 3.0 webinar regarding protection policies for sufferers of mental disorders, proper handling of sufferers of mental disorders, mental health of sufferers of mental disorders and the various and forms of ways to minimize the occurrence of mental disorders.



It is hoped that after this activity the Legis Space 3.0 participants will gain knowledge about protection policies for people with mental disorders, proper handling of people with mental disorders, mental health for people with mental disorders and the types and forms of ways to minimize the occurrence of mental disorders.