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FIKES UPNVJ - Jakarta, May 27 2023- With pride, the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University Nutrition Student Association (HIMAGI) has held a series of Nutrition Education Competition (NUECOMP) 8.0 activities with the theme "Empowering Diversity of Food Sources With Sustainable Nutritional Elements for Food and Nutrition Needs in Emergencies”.  Nutrition Education Competition (NUECOMP) 8.0 is a national competition event organized by the Nutrition Student Association (HIMAGI) for the 2022/2023 period and is a work program from the Education Division which was held on May 27 2023 online via the Zoom Meeting platform.


Nutrition Education Competition (NUECOMP) 8.0 is a national competition consisting of 4 competitions namely Cooking Creation Competition (CCC), Poster Competition (PC), Educational Video Competition (EVC), and Nutrition Speech Competition (NSC). Participants in the competition were active students of the Undergraduate Nutrition Study Program in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University and students from all over Indonesia. The Nutrition Education Competition (NUECOMP) 8.0 2023 activity began with the opening of the MC and singing the Indonesia Raya song, MARS Jakarta Veterans National Development University, and MARS Bela Negara. Then, several remarks were made from the officials of the Jakarta "Veteran" National Development University, the chief executive, and the chairman of HIMAGI for the 2022/2023 period. Conducting documentation sessions, presentation of work by each team/participant, participant attendance, and ending with closing by the MC.