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Presentation of the Partnership Activities Plan for the Physiotherapy Department with Technology Mara University

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Wednesday, May 24 2023, lecturers in the Physiotherapy department presented partnership activities with Mara Technology University via zoom. This meeting was a follow-up to the collaboration between the Faculty of Health Sciences, UPN Veteran Jakarta and University Teknologi Mara. This meeting was attended by Mr. Agustiyawan, SST.FT., M.Fis., Ftr., AIFO (Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation), Mrs. Farahdina Bachtiar, S.Ft., Physio., M.Sc., AIFO ( Head of the Physiotherapy Department), and Mr. Andy Sirada, S.S.T., M.Fis., AIFO (Head of the FIKES UPNVJ Foreign Cooperation Unit).


In this activity it was concluded that Dr. Noor Azliyana Aziza will teach the English Writing Academy course, Physiotherapy Study Program, Undergraduate Program, odd semester 2023/2024 online. This collaboration fulfills one aspect of the tridharma, namely teaching. It is hoped that in the future this collaboration can fulfill other aspects of the tridharma, namely research and service.