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Inauguration and Appointment of Nursing Associate Expert Oath, Associate Expert in Health and Nursing Profession

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Faculty of Health Sciences UPN Veterans Jakarta held the inauguration and swearing-in of Associate Nursing Experts, Associate Health Experts and Nurse Professions which was held at the UPNVJ Homeland Auditorium, Limo, on Tuesday (28/6/22).


By continuing to prioritize health protocols, technically the implementation is carried out in a hybrid manner, offline attended by representatives of graduates from each study program and also carried out online to other participants. This is done considering the current pandemic conditions are still being felt together by maintaining distance and reducing crowds.


Taufik Maryusman, S.Gz,.M.Pd.,M.Gizi as Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Even Semester FY 2021/2022 in his report conveyed several academic achievements achieved by students and lecturers of FIKES UPNVJ, including that FIKES received an Award in the Student Achievement category the most, obtaining Funding for Student Creativity Programs, obtaining medals in the Global Competition for Life Sciences (GloCoLis) in the Life Science category, 2nd place in "SCIFI NEUTRON 2022 in the Literature Review Competition category, research grants for lecturers, publication of scientific journals both nationally and internationally and scholarships Education for lecturers. In closing his speech, he hoped that the Dharma bakti FIKES UPNVJ could be applied in everyday life.


The inauguration and lifting of the professional oath for Nurses and Associate Nursing Experts was carried out by the Deputy Chair of the Organization and Cadreization of DPW PPNI DKI Jakarta Province, Ns. Iwan, S.Kep. Furthermore, for the Inauguration and Oath Lifting of Associate Health Experts carried out by Deputy General II of the Central Management of IFI (Indonesian Physiotherapy Association) Bp. M. Rendy Hardiansyah, Amd. Ft. Each graduate from each study program is accompanied by clergy according to their respective religions and beliefs.


In this event, pins were also affixed by each professional association, the signing of the minutes and the submission of an oath contract certificate to each representative of health workers from each professional association by the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr.drg. Wahyu Sulistiadi, MARS.


Ns. Laras Riana, S.kep as a representative of the nursing profession graduates said in her speech that the best humans are those who are beneficial to others, so it is hoped that the profession and knowledge gained so far can be helpful and useful. Laras also expressed his gratitude to the leadership, all lecturers and staff and all parties who have helped during the learning process.


The second speech by Ns. Iwan, S.Kep said that "Hopefully it is hoped that the profession that has been obtained can be useful for the homeland, be at the forefront both during the pandemic and after the pandemic, continue to improve self-competence and continue to benefit the community."


The third speech by Mr. M. Rendy Hardiansyah, Amd.Ft conveyed "actually what we get today is not obtained instantly, everything is processed, so that graduates are expected to be able to interpret this professional oath as a mandate, have high skills to uphold the dignity of the profession with full responsibility in accordance with the development of the times and technology so that the quality of service is maintained and relevant to the times”.


The last speech was delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of Health, Dr.drg.Wahyu Setiadi, MARS. He conveyed "congratulations on the inauguration and the oath contract for all these very noble Health professions, being a health worker who remains excellent, maintains one's own health, maintains professional ethics, is grateful for what has been achieved. Congratulations on being part of PPNI and IFI to all graduates. Bring the spirit of Defending the State and the pattern of THINKING in everyday life, being able to collaborate with other professions, making the UPNVJ Faculty of Health Sciences continue to be known by the public for its achievements and kindness. Love, be proud of your respective professions. Congratulations on your work, good luck wherever you are."