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PKMM Training "GANDENG BEM" (Familiar Movement, Channeling Support Together, Building a Systematic Ormawa FIKES Administration)

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Saturday, May 18 2024, Student Management Skills Training Activities (PKMM) were held with the theme "GANDENG BEM" (Familiar Movement, Channeling Support Together, Building a Systematic FIKES Ormawa Administration) with the hope of helping the administration of each Organization The students and staff of the Faculty of Health Sciences went as expected and created an organizational structure within the faculty that worked as it should, as well as increasing the capability of the management of the UPN "Veteran" Jakarta student organization so that it could create a superior faculty with the skills and abilities that were given at the event. This activity was carried out by the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FIKES) UPN "Veteran" Jakarta with the targets for this activity being the Dean, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Deputy Dean for General and Financial Affairs, Deputy for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Head of Study Program , and all Secretaries and Treasurers of the Faculty of Health Sciences Student Organization for the 2024/2025 Period.


This event lasted for 2 hours and began with the singing of the songs Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara, remarks from the Chief Executive of Student Management Skills Training, Chair of BEM FIKES 2024/2025, and Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation Agustiyawan, SST, FT, M.Fis , AIFO. The next session was delivered by Aprilia Ramadhani, General Administration of the Faculty of Health Sciences, UPN Veteran Jakarta, in carrying out activities as a resource person for Student Management Skills Training (PKMM) for the administrators of the Student Organization of the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2024. Apart from material on correspondence, Aprilia Ramadhani also delivered the Protocols and Submission of Facilities University Infrastructure. presentation and training material. It is necessary for students, especially student organization administrators at the Faculty of Health Sciences, UPN Veteran Jakarta, to understand and understand how to manage their respective Ormawa. Good and correct procedures for making official correspondence documents will result in well-connected two-way communication without differences in perception of the contents of the letter by either the sender or recipient of the letter, so that activities can run smoothly.


This Student Management Skills Training (PKMM) activity is one of the BEM FIKES UPNVJ Work Programs in disseminating knowledge with the hope of improving abilities in leadership and management of organizational activities for administrators of Student Organizations and Student Study Groups of the Faculty of Health Sciences. (FAZ)