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BATAVIA CLASS "Broadcast: Student Preparedness for Disasters"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - KSM Batavia has held a work program from the Pusdiklat division, namely BATAVIA CLASS on Saturday, May 25 2024. BATAVIA CLASS is held offline in Room 608, MERCe Building, Faculty of Health Sciences, Limo, Depok. BATAVIA CLASS 2024 carries the theme "Broadcast: Student Preparedness for Disasters". The target participants who take part in this BATAVIA CLASS are all volunteers and administrators who are members of KSM BATAVIA, and it is open to the public for KEMA UPNVJ. This activity aims to provide knowledge and training to volunteers regarding their role in preparedness, emergency response and disaster recovery situations. Not only providing education, but the CLASS BATAVIA 2024 activity also organizes practice and roleplay on how to provide first aid for participants who take part in the activity. from start to finish.


This activity begins with participant registration. Then, work on pre-test questions related to the material. The next event is a welcome. Welcome remarks were given by the chairman of the event organizer CLASS BATAVIA, chairman of KSM Batavia, and the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation, FIKES, namely Mr. Agustiyawan, SST, FT, M.Fis, AIFO. Next, the main event was the provision of disaster material related to First Aid or First Aid. After the presentation of the material, a question and answer session was held for participants who wanted to ask further questions regarding the material. Then, it continues with direct practical activities or roleplay providing first aid, in the form of CPR and also help with broken bones.


Next, the event was closed by the MC and continued with the symbolic handing over of plaques and certificates from KSM Batavia to the speakers. This activity then ends with completing the post test.


With this work program, it is hoped that it can increase knowledge and skills regarding disasters for participants. This is useful for increasing awareness of disasters and preparing communities to respond to disasters in disaster-prone areas in the future. Apart from that, it is also hoped that it will be able to increase the readiness of KSM BATAVIA members and volunteers to carry out their roles when they are directly involved in disaster locations.