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Implementation of the Final Results Trial for Odd Semester Thesis Courses T.A. 2023/2024 in the Public Health Study Program Undergraduate Program

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Public Health Study Program UPN "Veteran" Jakarta Undergraduate Program has successfully carried out the Final Results Session for the Odd Semester Thesis Course T.A. 2023/2024. The thesis trial period starts on Monday, January 8 2024 and ends on Wednesday, January 17 2024. The thesis trial is held completely offline and takes place on Floor 2 of Building A, Faculty of Health Sciences, Limo Campus.


Of the 44 students who registered as participants in the Odd Semester Thesis Course, T.A. 2023/2024, as many as 37 students successfully reached the thesis trial phase. In each thesis session, participants present the final results of the research within 10-15 minutes. Next, participants receive input from the examiners. The result of each thesis trial is that the thesis is continued with revisions or the thesis is not passed so the trial must be repeated.

Just like the previous semester, each thesis session must be attended by a minimum of five active students from the classes of 2023, 2022, and/or 2021. Students who attend as audience members are required to fill out an attendance list and are allowed to ask questions to the participants.

It is hoped that the participants in the Odd Semester Thesis Session of T.A. 2023/2024 can complete the thesis revision to the maximum and also fulfill all the requirements in order to be submitted as a participant in the T.A Odd Semester Judiciary. 2023/2024. (AB)