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Physiotherapy Education to Patients at the National Brain Center Hospital about Vertigo

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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UPNVJ FIKES - On Wednesday, March 6 2024, the National Brain Center Hospital held an outreach event aimed at providing understanding and treatment regarding Vertigo to patients and their families. The event was attended by participants who were actively involved in patient care, including the medical team at the National Brain Center Hospital. The event began with an opening speech by the Clinical Educator for Physiotherapy at the National Brain Center Hospital, who conveyed the importance of education to increase public understanding about Vertigo and how to treat it.


The presentation was delivered by Andy Sirada, S.S.T., M.Fis., Physiotherapy Lecturer at UPN "Veteran" Jakarta who provided an in-depth explanation of Vertigo, including symptoms, causes and correct diagnosis. Mr. Andy Sirada also explained the important role of physiotherapy in treating Vertigo cases.

In the next session, he provided examples of exercises and education related to handling vertigo and reducing the symptoms of vertigo, as well as providing prevention guidance so that patients can manage their condition better.

After the presentation, it continues with a question and answer session and discussion, where participants can ask questions related to the material that has been presented. The discussion was interactive and provided additional insight for the participants.