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First Aid Responder (FAR) Training for the Community of Petojo Selatan Subdistrict from PK3D Dki Jakarta and UPNVJ Nurse Professional Students

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - First Aid Responder (FAR) is a program from the DKI Jakarta Regional Health Crisis & Emergency Center (PK3D). On this occasion, the PK3D team collaborated with UPN Veteran Jakarta Nursing Professional Students. The community empowerment activity will take place on Wednesday 6 March 2024 at 08.00 - 14.00 WIB located at RPTRA Tanah Abang 3, Petojo Selatan Subdistrict.


Apart from being attended by the Head of the PK3D Unit 2, the PK3D instructor team and 7 UPNVJ Nurse profession students, this activity was also attended by the Head of the Gambir District Community Welfare Section, the Head of the Petojo Selatan Subdistrict Mr. Rahmat Hidayat, the DKI Jakarta BPBD team and the West Jakarta Damkar team. Mr. Anhari as the Person in Charge of Community and Institutional Empowerment opened this event followed by a speech and the inauguration of FAR training on basic life support and handling of fracture wounds by the Village Head.


After this event was inaugurated, the material was then given by UPN Veteran Jakarta Nursing Profession Students, namely Bebi Ayu Wulandari, S.Kep, who gave material on Basic Life Support (BHD) and Fida Nabilah Auliya, S.Kep, who gave material on wounds and fractures, who had previously been provided with supplies. by the PK3D Satpel 2 team. This material was given to 30 participants who had completed the pre-test.


Furthermore, training in initial handling of choking was provided using back blow, abdominal thrust, chest thrust techniques demonstrated by Talita Alifa Salsabila, S.Kep and Talitha Syifa Laili, S.Kep. Not only that, training on initial handling of cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest using Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation techniques delivered by Salsa Billa Taftahzani, S.Kep and Dwi Rahmawati, S.Kep and finally training on handling bleeding and fractures delivered by Safa Marwah IRPS, S. Kep.


Before the FAR activity ends, participants are given the opportunity to try directly and participants are required to complete a post-test as an evaluation of knowledge, attitudes, skills, as well as a requirement for obtaining a certificate provided by PK3D.