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Increasing Basic Life Support Capacity for Health Cadres with MNEUMONIC "ManDra Please Press"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - On Wednesday, December 20 2023, Community Empowerment activities were held with the theme Empowering Cadres as First Responders in Cardiovascular Emergency Cases at the Sawangan Laama Village Hall located at No., Jl. Corporal Daman No.50, Sawangan Lama, Kec. Sawangan, Depok City, West Java. This activity was carried out by UPN Veteran Jakarta Lecturers and Students. This community empowerment was attended by Mrs. Dedeh Ruyatna, S.E., M.A as Head of Sawangan Lama Village, Drg. Mukti Purnaningsih always Head of Sawangan Community Health Center, Lecturer at UPN Veteran Jakarta Mr. Dr. NS. Arief Wahyudi Jadmiko, M.Kep., M.Pd.Ked, Mrs. Ns. Sang Ayu Made A, Sp.Kep.Kom, Mrs. Dr. Avliya Quratul Marjan, S.Gz., M.Si, Mrs. Ns. Laksita Barbara, S.Kep., MN and D3 Nursing Study Program Student. This Community Empowerment is intended for Posyandu and Posbindu Cadres in Sawangan Lama Village and Sawangan Baru Village.


Heart disease is the highest cause of death in Indonesia. Based on data from Riskesdas (2018), it is stated that cases of heart and blood vessel disease are increasing every year in Indonesia, with at least 2,784,064 people suffering from heart disease. One of the complications of cardiovascular disease is cardiac arrest and the cause of death. Quick recognition of the condition and appropriate and fast assistance in this condition will increase the prevalence of survival rates in individuals who experience cardiac arrest. The existence of health cadres around the community is a resource that can be optimized in reducing the death rate caused by cardiovascular disease.

This activity was planned using a Design Thinking approach. Where the team carried out problem solving through interviews and observations with health workers at the community health center, cadres, heart disease sufferers and family members. After obtaining various information from various parties, the team then developed solutions to the problems faced by these parties with the culminating activity being the implementation of training for Health Cadres.


This activity begins with checking blood pressure and filling out a pre-test which aims to find out the extent of the cadre's knowledge before presenting material on Introduction to Emergency Care in Heart and Hypertension Cases and ends with a post-test to find out the evaluation of this community empowerment activity.

The Community Empowerment activity started at 11.00 WIB opened by Ulfa Muzayyanatul Millah as MC from the D3 Nursing students, starting with singing the songs Indonesia Raya, Mars Bela Negara and Mars Depok City, then continued with a speech by Mr. Dr. NS. Arief Wahyudi Jadmiko, M.Kep., M.Pd.Ked as Chair of the Implementation Team, continued by Mrs. Drg. Mukti Purnaningsih as Head of Sawangan Community Health Center, and Mrs. Dedeh Ruyatna, S.E., M.A as Head of Sawangan Lama Village Village. The activity continued with a material presentation session, which was moderated by Kansa Aulia as a D3 Nursing student. The first material was about Recognition and Emergency Management in Heart Cases delivered by Mrs. Ns. Laksita Barbara, S.Kep., MN, during the presentation of the material a Basic Life Support simulation was also carried out.


To make it easier to carry out Basic Life Support actions for ordinary people, the service team uses the mneumonic "ManDra Please Press". "This mneumonic is an extension of the Basic Life Support procedure in cardiac arrest conditions, namely 1) Make sure it is safe (rescuer, victim and environment), 2) Check Consciousness, 3) Ask for Help, 4) Check Pulse, and Do 5) Press the chest," said Arief when interviewed on the sidelines of the activity. This mneumonic has been proven to make it easier for cadres to memorize the sequence of Basic Life Support actions.


The second material was delivered by Mr. Dr. NS. Arief Wahyudi Jadmiko, M.Kep., M.Pd.Ked regarding Recognition and Emergency Management in Hypertension Cases and re-emphasizing the management of Basic Life Support. Next, it continued with a question and answer session. The questions and answers were carried out enthusiastically so that the discussion process went very well.

This Community Empowerment activity was closed by giving a plaque to Mrs. Dedeh Ruyatna, S.E., M.A as Head of the Sawangan Lama Village Village, as a memento and token of thanks, then ended with a group photo and conveying the impression of the message by 2 cadres. “Very useful, new year, new knowledge. What you don't understand yet will understand, what's more, there is an abbreviation "ManDra Please Press" so it's easy to remember the sequence of carrying out CPR. "Hopefully I can convey it back to the community," said the Health Cadre.