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Community Service on Baduy Earth as the SEBUMI Project to Prevent Covid-19 (phase 2)

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - After last year (2022) many programs were carried out in the "SEBUMI" project to prevent Covid-19 in Baduy by UPNVJ FIKES lecturers and students. Among them is a survey on the incidence of Covid-19 in Lewidamar Baduy, education, socialization, training on prevention of Covid-19 and community empowerment for the prevention of Covid-19 to the utilization of Baduy crops in increasing the resistance of residents to fend off Covid-19; including the processing of Baduy honey, palm flour, and Baduy sap sugar into products of pop cotton candy (dodol candy) that are easy to consume anywhere and anytime. The product is named Bonru Baduy (new bonds from Baduy).

This year (2023) the dedication will continue in maximizing the SEBUMI (All Earth) movement to prevent Covid-19 by providing the facilities needed by the Baduy community to always wash their hands as one of the health programs in preventing Covid-19. Most residents use river water or water taken from higher ground where there are natural wells or previously dug. However, the availability of this water source is not sufficient, so they need a source of clean water to be used in all their daily life activities. Not only washing hands as one of the Covid-19 health programs, but also a source of water for washing, and even cooking for all residents together.

Based on this, the service team collaborated with social foundations to make drilled wells as a source of clean water. So with an agreement between the Jaro officials and the Baduy people and the service team and the foundation, a water source with good potential was sought on the land where the residents lived. After finding a place with potential for clear, abundant, and blessed water, drilling and drilling of wells was carried out. Meanwhile, re-enlightenment regarding knowledge of clean and healthy living behavior, clean healthy lifestyle skills, related to hand washing as one of the Covid-19 health programs, is being re-demonstrated on how to wash hands properly, how to increase the body's immune power with foods high in nutrients and so on. .

After several times of mutual cooperation with the residents in making drilled wells, finally in July 2023 the drilled wells have been completed and inaugurated as a shared water source for all residents in the vicinity. Thank God, people can live healthy and clean lives by always washing their hands as one of the Covid-19 health programs, cooking and drinking fresh ground water and maintaining their health.