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PKM Mothers Care for Toddlers ASI (PELITA ASI) in Stunting Prevention Efforts in Curug Village, Gunung Sindur District, Bogor, West Java

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - In supporting the Government's program related to increasing the achievement of exclusive breastfeeding and preventing stunting in children, various efforts were made, one of which was by the UPN Veterans Jakarta FIKES Educational Institution. The Community Service Activity "PKM PELITA ASI (Mother Cares for Toddlers ASI)" is a movement for mothers caring for toddlers that is carried out jointly and continuously in order to increase awareness of mothers in efforts to prevent stunting through breastfeeding with the main target of all mothers being cadres, pregnant women and mothers of toddlers as well as other potential groups by integrating all specific interventions and sensitive interventions.


Through community service activities the PELITA ASI community movement (PKM Mother Cares for Toddlers ASI) is expected to increase the knowledge of cadres and mothers of toddlers about the importance of breastfeeding in preventing stunting, as well as improve the skills of cadres and mothers of toddlers in training in making additional food according to the age of the child. Which was held on Saturday, June 24, 2023 at Posyandu Mawar, Curug village, Gunung Sindur District, Bogor City.


This activity was attended by Mrs. RT 07 and the Head of Posyandu Mawar Cadres, Posyandu Cadres (10 people), and Mothers under five (30 people). PKM Mothers Care for Toddlers ASI (PELITA ASI) in Stunting Prevention Efforts in Curug Village, Gunung Sindur District, Bogor, West Java, was initiated by its proponent, namely Ns. Indah Permatasari, M.Kep; Ns. Tatiana Siregar, M.Kep., M.Kes; Dr. Ns, Dyah Utari, S.Kep., MKKK; and Ns. Ritanti, M.Kep., Sp.Kep.Kom, The program introduced in this PKM is through child growth screening activities (BB, PB/TB), examination of children's nutritional status, health education about breastfeeding through educational and interesting media, and training on positions and how to breastfeed properly and correctly using breast pantom and baby pantom simulation tools.


The success of this PKM activity also involved UPN Veteran Jakarta FIKes students, including 1. Galang Rendheart 2110711008; 2. Akbar Ridho Rifai 2110711086; 3. Naila Putri Priliasti 2110711067; 4. Muhammad Gilang Maulana 2110711057; 5. Dita Amalia Dewi 2110711114; 6. Pediatricia Zalvo Kanalom 2110711110; 7. Sintha Legita Sari 2110711108; 8. Meuthia Deva Amalia 2110711023; 9. Khonsa Shalihah 2110711089; 10. Lulu Bastareina 2110711054.