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Community Service "Nutritious Food Supports the Health of the Elderly" with the Dahlia Senja Limo Elderly School

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Depok, 20 September 2023, Community Service Activities held together with the Dahlia Senja Limo Elderly School. This activity aims to provide learning experiences and knowledge to active elderly people at the Dahli Senja Limo Elderly School. More than 40 elderly people took part in this activity.
The resource person in this activity was Iin Fatmawati, S.Gz, MPH as a lecturer in the Undergraduate Nutrition Study Program, together with 3 students. The material provided is about "Nutritious Food Supports the Health of the Elderly". The elderly were explained about balanced nutrition and also the contents of my plate according to the needs of the elderly. Apart from that, it also explains how to organize the elderly's food menu and read nutritional value information on food packaging labels.
Before delivering the material, a pre-test is carried out to determine the elderly's knowledge regarding balanced nutrition and food needs for the elderly. After that, material was given which lasted approximately 45 minutes along with questions and answers and a discussion regarding healthy menus for the elderly. After completing the material, the test post was completed again to see whether the elderly who took part in the activity understood and could provide examples of healthy menus for the elderly. The activity ended with eating with the elderly, of course by adopting a balanced eating pattern according to the contents of my plate.