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HMPSIK - Perawat Mengabdi 1.0 2024 By The Student Association Of The Undergraduate Nursing Studies Program

  • Terakhir diperbaharui : Jumat, 07 Juni 2024
  • Penulis : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - The 1st batch of Nurses Serving activities was held which was organized by the Nursing Science Study Program Student Association (HM-PSIK) Faculty of Health Sciences, UPN "Veteran" Jakarta. The activity took place from 06.00 – 14.00 WIB on Saturday, June 1 2024 with the theme "The Role of Nurses in Comprehensive Health Services in the Community for Better Health Quality". This activity was attended by Bachelor of Nursing students Class of 2022 and 2023. The purpose of holding this event is to increase the knowledge and skills of Undergraduate Nursing Study Program students regarding health education for the general public and increase self-awareness of the importance of health.


This activity began with greetings, reading prayers and then conducting education using the door to door method and checking the health of the community from students from the Undergraduate Nursing Study Program. This activity ended with an evaluation of the ant's activities and operations.


By holding this Sospro activity, it is hoped that this will be the starting point for undergraduate Nursing Study Program students regarding the importance of health education to the general public and caring about the importance of health. during the study process at the National Development University "Veteran" Jakarta. (FRA)