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Health Examination in the Dahlia Senja Community

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - Health examinations for the elderly are one of the activities to fulfill the tasks of the Geriatric Physiotherapy Management course, Undergraduate Physiotherapy Study Program to assess health conditions and forms of community service, especially for elderly people. This examination aims to determine whether there is a risk of falls, coordination and balance in the elderly, as well as providing education about preventing the risk of falls. This health examination was carried out on Wednesday, March 20 2024 at 07.00 – 10.30 WIB, which took place at the Dahlia Senja elderly community, Jl. Limo Raya No. 197, Limo, Limo District, Depok City, West Java. This event was attended by 34 elderly people from the Dahlia Senja Community and also attended by several lecturers, namely Mrs. Farahdina Bachtiar, S.Ft, Physio, M.Sc., AIFO, Mrs. Rabia, S.Ft., M.Biomed, and Mrs. Risa Kusuma Anggraeni , SST. M, Biomed.
This activity began with an opening by student MCs, namely Ananda Putri Rifanty and Sofia Aufa Oktafiani. And continued with remarks by Mrs. Ratna Habsari as chairman of the Dahlia Senja Committee and Mrs. Farahdina Bachtiar, S.Ft, Physio, M.Sc., AIFO as lecturer in the Geriatric Physiotherapy Management course. As well as giving certificates to the Dahlia Senja Community.
The event continued with providing education on the risk of falls and preventing the risk of falls in the elderly by students, namely Cornelia Erlinda, Intan Nurayni, Gevira Afifa, Hilda Daffa', Mirna Sari, and Nila Rumiyanti. Then after that, a group photo session. After that, an examination was carried out by Physiotherapy Undergraduate Students on the elderly which consisted of examination of Vital Signs and GDS, Hand Grip, TUG, and Fall Risk. The event went smoothly and all the elderly had carried out the entire series of activities. After that, the event was closed by the MC and the students also distributed food to all the elderly who attended. The event closed lively and memorable.