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Matra Health Mitigation Project "TRAFFIC: Report Incidents Protect Victims from Traffic Accidents (KLL)"

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  • : Devi Puspita Sari, S.Komp
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FIKES UPNVJ - The Matra Health Disaster Mitigation Project was carried out on Sunday, April 28 2024 at 13.30 WIB at the Al Istiqomah Prayer Room RT 06 RW 02 Limo, Depok with the theme "TRAFFIC: Report Incidents Protect Victims from Overcoming Traffic Accidents (KLL)". This activity was organized by group 3 of class A which consisted of female students from the Undergraduate Nursing Study Program. There were 20 respondents who participated in this activity consisting of RT heads, cadres and residents of RT 06 RW 02.


The activity began with an opening by the MC and registration of participants. Then continued with the playing of the songs Indonesia Raya and Mars Bela Negara with a standing position. Next, the participants sat back down and listened to remarks from the chief executive (Zihan Nurrahmawati) and the head of RT 6 (Mr. Maaz Azie). After that, participants were directed by the MC to complete the pretest.


After participants have finished completing the pretest, they will enter the main event of this project's field activities, namely education and demonstrations on how to report and provide first aid to traffic accident victims. This was then continued with a re-demonstration of first aid for traffic accident victims by the participants. After that, it continued with a question and answer session which was attended enthusiastically by the participants. The presenters and committee answered questions quite well. Then the event continued with completing the posttest.


After completing the posttest, the event continued with the presentation of the charter to RT 06 RW 02 by the chief executive, namely Zihan Rahmawati. At 15.00 WIB the activity was closed by the MC and ended with a photo session with all the committee and participants.